3x 3D Printed UK Trolley keys with Keychains


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3x 3D Printed UK Trolley keys with Keychains. (Random Colours)

Replaces the need to have a £1 coin, and comes with a handy Keychain to add to your keyring.

This design allows you to place the Trolley key into the trolley, release from the others and then remove this from the trolley by sliding the key left or right and pulling the key out.

As this is on your keyring, good chance you will not end up going to the store without a spare £1 and having to hunt around or use a basket.

Also means as this can be quickly removed from the trolley, you can place your keys back in your pocket/bag without having to leave it in the trolley.

Made on my 3D printer and assembled at home.

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